Dear Friends:

I bring you Calvary greetings in the mighty and matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we have embarked on Mission Africa, I want to thank you for touching lives in Africa through me.  I pray that the Lord will guide, inspire, and direct you in all you do or desire.  I am blessed to report to you that Africa was greatly excited for your love gifts, and thoughts. The people of Africa ministered a lot to me while I was there this past March. They taught me a life lesson and it was ‘An Appreciation for the little they have’.  A lesson we all so frequently forget. In Liberia, with no light, little food and limited educational materials, they were grateful and appreciative of the little. The sun was hot and unbearable but the love of God was so real. Lives were touched, transformed and changed. It was all because of your gifts and love offerings. May the Lord bless the works of your hands.

With this in mind and the uncountable needs of Africa and its children, I have deemed it necessary to go back and continue the humanitarian effort and help give a child, a pastor and a mother a smile again. Allowing them to know that there are people from a distance that care and with God on their side, all things are possible.

Since my visit in March you and I were able by the grace of God to plant 3 Churches in Liberia, maintain 2 churches in Ivory Coast and 1 Church in Guinea. As you can see, with just a little we were able to do so much for someone in need. As I anticipate going back in December, I am asking you to believe God with me to raise about ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to purchase about five motor bikes for each of these church locations as a means of transportation. The idea is that these motor bikes will be use for business to generate income for the children in the churches as a means of survival.  

It is with this notion that I humbly write to ask you to be a blessing towards this endeavor.  I am believing God to raise the said amount by the end of December.  The cost might look difficult but I am encouraged by the words of Genesis 18:14 ‘Is anything too hard for the Lord’. With only $38 you can feed a family and $25 can put a shirt and tie on a pastor. Come let us help some families in Africa together. Your gift of any size will mean both life and love. Please, help me help Africa.

In His Service,

Pastor Korboi Muingbeh, Sr. - (267) 987-8330

Elder Korboi Muingbeh arrival in AFRICA